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Wayne Preno’s Hard Work Paying Off

Wayne Preno believes in hard work and perseverance. Since he was a kid, Preno learned the value of hard work and having a work ethic from sports. He was able to bear the fruits of his labor by being able to play basketball in college. Now, Preno is using his work ethic to develop a successful business. Preno owns and operates two Early and Bright Childcare Centers in the Philadelphia region.

When he was first beginning his early childcare center, there were times when he did not think the business would succeed. He was working for fifteen hours a day and was wearing multiple hats depending on whether he was trying to balance the books or hiring staff. As in his life, Preno did not give up in his business. He kept up his never-quit attitude and believed in his business and what it is doing for the community.

Eventually, he turned a corner. Preno’s centers started attracting more parents, and he was finally fully staffed. Preno had to open up a second center to deal with the demand. Preno is still a busy man, but he is now a successful man as well. However, to Preno he does not care how financially rich he gets. He gets fulfillment from watching the children at his centers succeed and hearing from parents about their children’s accomplishment. Preno believes what he is doing is going to help the community eventually. Until then Wayne Preno is going to keep working hard at giving underprivileged children a chance to succeed.

The Family Atmosphere Behind Wayne Preno’s Early and Bright Childcare Center

According to Wayne Preno, the nuclear family unit is the most important factor in raising a successful child. Preno knows that when children come to his Early and Bright Childcare Center, it is often one of the first times that mom spends an extended period away from their child. To help with the transition, Preno does everything in his power to provide a family atmosphere at his centers.

To accomplish creating a family atmosphere, Preno implements a couple of initiatives at his center. First, Preno and his staff try to be as welcoming as they can. A lot of a parent’s gut reaction can form when meeting people from a school. Preno believes that if everyone is nice and welcoming from the beginning, then parents and their children will feel more at ease. Then, he will allow the mother to stay with the child at the center for a couple of hours after dropping them off. Just having the mother around can ease the anxiety that the children have when leaving the house and going to a classroom setting for the first time. Next, he is transparent with what he and his workers are teaching the kids at preschool. This way the parents know what they are learning and can implement some of the lessons at home.

Using some of the above methods has made Early and Bright Child Care Center extremely welcoming to parents and student. Wayne Preno believes that his actions are beginning to be noticed and is thrilled to make parents and their children happy.

Wayne Preno and the Place Basketball Has in His Heart

Wayne Preno is the founder and owner of the Early and Bright Childcare Centers in the Philadelphia region. Before he found success with his childcare centers, Preno was a success on the basketball court.

Wayne Preno love of basketball was evident as a young boy. He was constantly playing and practicing on his family’s driveway basketball hoop. His passion continued through middle school and into high school. After four years of high school basketball, Preno had the opportunity to play for Manor Junior College for two years. After two successful seasons at the junior college level, Preno walked onto the Gwynedd Mercy College basketball team and played for a year.

Although his playing career was over, Preno still has a love for the sport. He found time to get away from his childcare centers and begin to coach. He is currently the coach of the Bustleton Bengals Basketball team. He enjoys teaching the game to children and watching the joy on their face when they make a basket. According to Preno, he says that basketball is still a great way to stay in shape, and he still enjoys the game. He also finds time to play in his local Saturday morning basketball league.

Basketball has given Preno a lot in life. Now he is taking the lessons that he has learned on the court and is trying to pass them on to the younger generation. When asked how long he is going to continue as a coach, Wayne Preno said he was not sure when, but it definitely is not going to be anytime soon.

Wayne Preno - Great Communication is the Key

In any business organization great communication is the key to delivering an excellent service and ensuring happy and informed clients and staff. Wayne Preno is a business owner of two childcare services, Bright and Early Daycare in Philadelphia and Bright and Early Preschool in Cheltenham PA. He is also a father of three and has been a basketball youth coach. He has done a lot of communicating in different environments and to a variety of audiences.

Within the businesses, there are multiple channels of communication, the obvious direct modes such as paper, electronic, face to face and telephone coming in; but there are also all the various sub-groups, staff, parents, children, regulators, other stakeholders, cleaning services, insurers, catering suppliers, utilities, local community that can add to or require information out … the list goes on. And that then has to be replicated across the other business and, of course, between the two businesses to ensure best practice and consistency.

Wayne knows through years of experience that without strong systems in place to support this continuous flow of information that needs to be exchanged, noted and shared at various levels, the communications channels would either get clogged up or collapse under the weight of incoming far exceeding its distribution.

Good communication matters almost as much as the product or service you are providing, it increases confidence in an organization, reduces workplace stress and improves all manner of relationships at many levels.

Wayne Preno is a strong advocate of keeping communication channels open and ensuring that there is always a way to talk.

Wayne Preno - On Being a Team Coach

There are many aspects to being a coach, you have to be strong, understanding, compassionate, set rules, give praise and consider sanctions where appropriate. As a coach you lead from the front, you set the spirit and ethos of the team, you let your team members know what is expected of them. As coach you take responsibility for what happens on and off the pitch, it can be at times a challenging job. Wayne Preno, loves being a coach. As a player he was part of teams that had good coaches, not so good coaches and some great coaches. They all in some way shaped the type of coach that he has become and aspires to be.

Whatever the sport you may coach in, and each has its own particular requirements, the fundamental pillars on which you build your team remain the same including, respect, responsibility, and commitment.

It is an amazing thing to take a group of unconnected individuals of differing abilities, interests, personal goals and ideals, and turn that mismatch of a group into a cohesive collective – into a team. One that looks out for each other, has a common goal, is respectful of their differences and is committed to work together to be the best that they can be.

From Wayne’s point of view, these great feelings are magnified when as a coach you are part of such a transformation bringing together a group of young people being in a team for the very first time. Helping them to experience what it is to be a part of a team.

Wayne Preno is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has played sports and coached at various levels.

Wayne Preno - Why Being a Youth Coach Is A Positive Experience

Volunteering is an integral part of American culture. All across the country there are many examples of citizens giving their time and efforts to good causes and helping others in their communities. Volunteering to support and work with youth sports is a major part of many people’s lives, and Wayne Preno is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who credits his involvement with sports in helping him achieve that success.

First as a player including basketball at Manor Junior College and Gwynedd Mercy University, and subsequently as a coach, he believes that involvement at all levels in sport has enabled him to better learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, commitment and working to a common purpose.

Wayne is now the owner of two successful daycare and preschool businesses, Early and Bright. He encourages the children there to try a wide variety of sports and passes on, even to the youngest child, his enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, fun in sport and what it means to be part of a team.

He feels there is little that is more satisfying than watching children gain joy and self-confidence and new social as well as physical skills from participation in sports. By volunteering to coach Wayne Preno is delighted to be able to give something back in recognition of all those coaches that supported and influenced him throughout his formative years. To be able to use those skills gained by coaching within his business environment to further enhance the enjoyment of children in his care, is a lasting positive benefit he can pass on to the next generation.

Being a Better Coach - Develop Versatile Players

If you want to be a successful coach who is capable of leading a team to victory in even the most hairy of situations, there are certain tips and tricks you need to know in order to accomplish this. One of the most important things that you can do in order to develop a winning team and a successful season is to develop versatile players who are good at adapting to change.

A good coach needs to accept the idea that his or her team will not always be at 100%. In fact, it is likely that most of the time your team will be operating under less than ideal situations. One good player may have an injury, or perhaps could not make the game for one reason or another. This means that you will need to find a suitable replacement for them that is good at their position. This is where developing versatility in your players pays off. By having a team of players who don’t just specialize in one area, but can function at every different position, you increase the overall value and skill of your team. This is not just useful in emergency situations, but develops a better overall understanding of the game for your players, meaning they will be better at their primary positions as well.

Versatility and adaptation are the name of the game for any sport. Any winning franchise and coach can tell you that if you are capable of adapting to changes, the faster and more effectively you can accomplish this, the more likely you are to tack on a few w’s to that season.

Wayne Preno is a coach who always advocates players who can adapt well to change.

Be A Better Coach - Positivity


If you are a youth sports coach who wants to make a positive impact on your team while simultaneously perfecting your skills, it is important for you to remember a few key factors. Being a good coach isn’t just about winning. It is about making sure the kids on your team are learning fundamental life lessons, and the values that will help them to lead happy and healthy lifestyles.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to get one of your kids to improve their game is to be positive. Taking a criticism is never easy, especially for a child who has little to no experience hearing why they aren’t as good at something as they could be. That is why when you are critiquing a player on their game, be sure to lead with something positive before you talk about the negative. This will offer a padding and a buffering, while also letting the player know that you do value their talents, you just know that they are capable of more than what they are doing now.

Let us say, for example, that a baseball player misses an easy pop fly, one you have seen them catch a thousand times before in practice. Instead of getting frustrated or yelling at the child, call them over and have a talk with them. Maybe ask them what went wrong. Were they nervous? Were they having trouble concentrating? Get the kid back on track by staying positive and talking about getting the win.

Wayne Preno has been a coach for many sports, and believes positivity breeds positive results.

Finding a Good Daycare - Communication

Seeking out a good daycare center for your child can be very difficult, as no parent likes the prospect of bringing their child to a stranger. Once you get past this however, a good daycare center can actually be a great opportunity for your child. That is because they can provide an environment that encourages learning and social growth and development.

Some even believe that a child enrolled in daycare has some advantages over one who is not. This is because children in daycare have greater exposure to other children and other adults, expanding their horizons and understanding of the world around them. That being said, a poorly managed daycare center can be detrimental to the development of a child. That is why it is so important to be able to recognize what makes a good daycare center and what makes a poor one.

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a daycare center is how open the staff is to regular communication. Establishing a comfortable and regular line of communication between yourself and the staff is important because they will observe how your child continues to develop over the course of their stay. Regular communication with the caregivers will let you and they know what course of action to take. For example, if the caregiver lets you know that your child was grumpy today, you can talk it out with your child to figure out the problem. If your baby is teething, you can tell the staff that when you drop them off as well.

Wayne Preno is the owner of Bright and Early Daycare, Philadelphia and Bright and Early Preschool, Cheltenham, PA, for 12 years, and encourages communication between parents and staff.


Wayne Preno - Applying Sports Coaching Skills in Your Business

Wayne Preno acknowledges that sports teams are often seen as very specific groups of people, with very particular need which, as a sports coach, you need to manage. Think about injuries and recovery, people dynamics, time management, planning, practice, adherence to rules, respect, commitment to the team, to name a few.

The way in which these issues are handled is also increasingly being applied to the management of businesses and the teams within them. When you look at it there are many similarities, and some just have different names. For example, one can replace injuries with sickness absence and so on.

Wayne Preno has spent many years involved with sports, including basketball and baseball as a player, coach and youth coach. When he set up his daycare businesses twelve years ago, he realized that he would also have several types of teams and stakeholders to engage with and manage – staff, parents, regulatory bodies, the children themselves and local communities in which the facilities are located.

Looking at the skills he had developed in his coaching activities Wayne saw clearly that whilst the actual requirements may be different the overriding principals by which he had always guided his teams could, and should, be applied to his business and professional relationships.

Respect, positivity, confidence, setting high expectations, trust in your team to deliver (minimize sideline coaching), clear communication, grow leaders, develop versatile players, have effective and swift problem solving mechanisms in place. Above all, always try to have fun!

Wayne Preno is a now a businessman and entrepreneur, owner of Bright and Early Daycare in Philadelphia and Bright and Early Preschool in Cheltenham PA, but still has a great love for and involvement in sport.